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The anti-graffiti film is a film protecting especially shop-windows from damage by the so-called graffiti (colour sprays). This film is clear and imperceptible on the glass. A great advantage includes easy disassembly in case of damage. The anti-graffiti film provides modern protection from vandals while expending costs several times lower than the exchange of broken glasses.

  • Protect glasses (shop-windows) from the so-called graffiti (colour sprays) 
  • Easy disassembly 
  • External application 
  • Clear - imperceptible on the glass

The UV film is a film aimed at protection of interiors against harmful radiation. This film is absolutely clear and does not reduce light penetration to the room. It is designed for commercial and private use.

  • Retains 98% of the harmful radiation 
  • Absolutely clear 
  • High light transmittance
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