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The IR film series represents the state-of-the-art technology of film production linking the heat insulation and sun-proof effects. The most significant feature of this film series includes retention of the ultraviolet radiation produced by all heaters in objects. The IR60 foil, the most popular film of this series, retains 60% of radiation of heaters in winter. It also retains 50% of the solar energy in summer months. It provides both of these outputs at incredibly high light transmittance - 70%, and at low reflection (reflectivity). This film may be used in all seasons. It is designed for commercial, historic and private objects and to all places where there are high heating and air-conditioning costs. All IR series films are equipped with a very resistant layer against scratching.

  • Heat savings without window exchange 
  • Reduce room heat in summer months 
  • Retain 60% of heaters radiation in winter 
  • Retain 50% of the solar radiation in summer 
  • Maintain high light transmittance - 70% 
  • Retain 99% of the harmful UV radiation
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