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Bezpečnostní fólie

  • Reduce risk of robbery 
  • Certified in the P2 safety class 
  • Prevent the objects (such as stones, frangible grenades, explosives, etc.) from being tossed through 
  • Glass remains proof even after being shattered 
  • Protect from injury by broken glass 
  • Protect from shock wave effects 
  • Universal use for all types of glasses 
  • Reduces robbery and accidental glass breaking risk 
  • Slows down the offender' s progress to the object, similarly as the grate 
  • It is not necessary to immediately exchange the glass at window breaking 
  • Retains 98% of the UV radiation and thus protects the interior

Bezpečnostní fólie

Glass doors and windows are the most frequent objects of attack of flats, houses and buildings. They are also the easiest obstacle for entering the object by undesirable persons or items. The protection of these entries is a basis of safety of all buildings. The exchange of existing windows for safety glassing is very expensive; therefore the most suitable manner of security of glass surfaces is additional installation of the safety film. Its installation prevents objects from being tossed through and you will also make entering the object by eventual offenders more difficult. An indisputable advantage of the safety film is its inconspicuousness so it does not attract undesirable attention. The safety film will also protect you and your environment from being cut by slivers of glass in case of window breaking. The film retains 98% of the harmful UV radiation, by which it prevents from interior wearing off and there is a high-quality surface resistant to scratching. It is used for all types of buildings from flats, family houses, offices, shops as well as banks to nursery schools, schools and hospitals.

Bezpečnostní fólie
Bezpečnostní fólie


  • Clear safety film with P2A certificate 
  • Thickness of 350mm 
  • Serves especially as protection from penetrating the object and as protection from injury by broken glass


  • Reinforced clear protection film 
  • Serves as protection from penetrating the object and protection of health in case of breaking the glass window surface


  • Clear protection film 
  • Also serving as safety car film 
  • It is mainly used for windows with a risk of glass breaking and subsequent injury


  • Clear protection film 
  • Serves as protection film and as protection from the harmful UV radiation

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SC 4 0,96 18,00 7,00 5,00 88,00 6,00 89,00 < 3 
SC 7 0,93 18,00 7,00 5,00 87,00 6,00 88,00 < 3
SC 8 (2ply) 0,93 18,00 7,00 5,00 87,00 6,00 87,00 < 3
SCX 0,91 19,00 13,00 5,00 83,00 11,00 85,00 < 3 
SCX 12 (1,83) 0,91 19,00 13,00 5,00 83,00 11,00 85,00 < 3
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