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Bezpečnostní fólie Bezpečnostní fólie

The private films, as the name suggests, are especially designed for glasses where view-through prevention and privacy ensuring are required. Although these films are non-transparent, they maintain great light transmittance and do not reduce lightness of rooms. The most popular film from this series - white matte - is of white (milk) dull colour and imitates the sanded glass. There are also other colour shades offered.

  • Protect privacy 
  • Imitate sanded glass 
  • Great light transmittance 
  • Retain 98% of the harmful UV radiation 
  • Selection from a number of shades

The decorative films are designed for glass surfaces in interiors. Their main task is to improve the design of free glass surfaces. They include clear films on which there are e.g. regular white strips, white bricks, etc. Their great advantage is the possible variation of individual types and also variation with another type, e.g. with the solar films. Through these combinations we may reach a very interesting decorative effect.

  • Improve interior design 
  • Possible combination of various types 
  • Great selection

Privátní a dekorativní fólie Privátní a dekorativní fólie

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